Wednesday, 18 January 2012

CHALLENGE; How good is your pacing?

Right. Before nipping out for a short run after work today I came up with an idea!
The idea being that you state your finishing time before you set out (eg post it to your FB status perhaps?) and run your chosen 10k route in that time.
It is not meant to be maximum pace, although if you wish to do that, that's fine.
You can use a route you already know is 10k OR set out running with a distance alarm on your GPS watch.
The main rule is that you don't check your times or your pace during the whole run, leaving it down to your judgement!
I chose to aim for 50mins, on a route I hadn't run before but I was familiar with the roads (it turned out to be 10.66km) I set the distance alarm at 10k and stopped the clock. Although it felt a very easy pace I thought I had most likely gone a bit too quick for it and consciously made an effort to run slower. I was way out!

To keep it uniform use 10km or 6.2miles if you 'don't do kms' however if you want to have a go but 10k is a bit too far for you then maybe you could scale it back to 5km or 3.1miles.
Post your predicted time and your actual time below! No cheating ;]

1 comment:

  1. 10km . predicted time 50mins
    actual time 47.59
    2min 1 second under