Monday, 5 November 2012

Orbana - Energy Drink Review

Orbana is 'A genuinely healthy energy drink. No spike and crash. No added sugar. No caffeine or taurine. Just natural ingredients. As refreshing as it is energizing'  

I received a couple of sachets to try out, I am not a fan of typical  sugar loaded ''energy'' drinks but Orbana is apparently a bit different. Inside there is a mix of amino acids, sugar, vitamins, anti oxidants and electrolytes rather than just sugar

The taste is reasonable and much better than many other drinks I have been unlucky enough to come across in the past. It is quite faint when mixed 50g per 600ml which I prefer and the flavour I had was a slighty orangey pineappley flavour.  

I had a 50 mile ultra running race which was overnight starting at dusk and thought what better way to try Orbana out? I mixed a sachet up with water on arrival at the race start and sipped away a little during the briefing. Throughout the race I maintained a steady 10 min mile average with a slight drop in speed over the last 10 miles which was hillier and had pretty minimal visibility with low cloud and fading head torch batteries. 

Looking back I used 3 sachets during the race and alternated 1 bottle orbana, 1 water, in total drinking about 3 litres of  fluid during the near 9 hours of running. I never felt a big surge of energy as such but felt quite comfortable throughout the race I had a bit of a gap to play with eventually winning 1 hour 1 min ahead of 2nd position so I didn't have to go all out to exhaustion. 

Tiredness never really hit me despite running into the night I was finished before 2 am, normally I would get tired around dawn during over night runs, I stayed awake the rest of the night and day to prevent any jet lag effect.

I would recommend you give Orbana a try for me it was better than some of the isotonic type drinks I have come across I had no problems at all.

I have used another brand of electrolyte tablets for a couple of years now and never had any trouble with them so for me to change from them would be a big step! 

I had no problems, though generally don't when it comes to nutrition so it's up to you to give it a try and see if it works for you I guess! 

You can find out more on Twitter and their website!

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