Monday 8 October 2012

Typical days food?


I get asked this quite a lot... so here are some pictures.

Lunch bag, I eat within every 3 hours normally.
A smoothie at the back, fruit and milk
Yoghurt to go on my home made 'muesli'
A Pitta with chicken and salad, don't really eat these very often though
A salad with some meat, in the long compartment.
Home made peanut butter, protein ball and some fruit on the mid right.
Some sardines and a 9 bar for a snack
A spare tin of tuna just in case.
                                                                              This would typically last until 4pm ish I would eat when home and then again about 20.30ish

Muesli again in the left part,
chicken in the right part more chicken in the bag, bag of cabbage and leek chopped up
a smoothie at the back
juiced  carrot, beetroot and oranges on the left
home made spag bol minus the spag and some sweet potato and courgette in there too,
This was gone by lunch time.

Typical dinner, often salmon, various veg, avocado etc.

 Lamb Steaks another possible dinner

 Olives, spinach, chicken, sundried tomatoes and some funny baby cucumber things added for good measure.

 Muesli before I mixed it up

 scrambled eggs, with a few veggies mixed in!

There we go. So it's essentially around 6-8 feeds during the day roughly like so. Someone said eating healthy was boring I am not claiming to have the perfect diet, I would say it's far from boring.
 I would welcome any suggestions you may have! 

Smoothie or 2
Chicken + veggies
Beef + veggies
Fruit + 9bar etc
Milk + fruit post resistance training
Scrambled eggs and veggies
Salad + fish


  1. Looks good. Roughly how many calories are you having there per day? Also, a thought, are you not having more protein post training or are you getting that from the milk? And why no carbohydrates like pasta etc?

    1. Calorie wise not sure, I'll try and estimate this for you I would expect to be over 3000 per day but let me get back to you on that.

  2. nice one charlie, now all i have to do is cut out my crap, im eating the right stuff, just not enough of it and supplementing with extra bad carbs to make up the calories.

    1. I find if I eat junk I feel sluggish and I would imagine recovery would slow too. Focus on the goal!