Monday 12 June 2017

Nathan Vapor Wrap 2l Race Vest for Running


I like to use a waistpack where possible (Eg if I need to carry a small amount of kit you can see my recent video on the UD one I now use) but other times I use this race vest.
The Nathan Vapor Wrap 2l Race Vest for Running

Big kit lists such as for the 100 milers in the mountains like UTMB or Lakeland 100 etc etc or when you're venturing up into the hills in winter you can fit your gear into these.

I've had mine since 2014 so 3 years now of being used and abused it's still going strong. The branding has scraped off now but it hasn't ripped at all and the zips are still working (one small zip is a bit sticky) but very happy with how it's performed.

The pockets are easy to access whilst wearing which is important, I have tried on a different vest from another brand and the pockets were very difficult to open and shut and also awkward to reach, Trying to get something in or out of the pocket whilst moving was hard whereas in this vest it's just fine.
I wear a medium tshirt and went with the Large size so if I was using in winter with a few extra layers it'd still fit.

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