Thursday 11 January 2018

Waterproof jackets for runners buyers guide 2018

Waterproof jackets for runners....
It's a weekly question I get especially this time of year...
I've written a couple of articles and done a video or two that you can find on my blog, website and Youtube if you want more details but basically I have 2 Waterproof jackets I use for running.I also have a few that aren't waterproof but let's focus on waterproof for now. Why two? One is ultra lightweight so I would personally choose this one on a race where the forecast is good and the duration is short. Eg a flat trail marathon in the summer with no rain forecast anywhere. In the winter or on a long event out in the hills or when there's a chance of rain, I'd take a more substantial jacket.

First up, any waterproof jacket for running should really have a hood and taped seams (sometimes called seam sealed) I'll assume you know what a hood is, a good one will have two adjustments, one to close it around your face and keep the weather out, another adjustment to tighten the hood around the top of your head to stop it sliding off or over your eyes (where your halo would be if you were an angel)

As for taped seams they are found inside the jacket, so where material is joined on the seams, a special tape is used on top of the stitching to keep water from seeping through.

The jackets themselves will be ideally breathable (so that you don't feel like you're wrapped in cling film) but not let the water in. Usually there's a measurement on the manufacturers website or the shops detail that you're buying from, eg 5000 or 10000m/m. Occasionally race organisers specify a jacket should meet a certain rating but really you want to make sure the jacket of choice is going to be adequate for keeping you dry, warm and alive.

The weight of the ultra light ones like my Berghaus Hyper Smock are about 100g although this one is discontinued I have found a similar jacket by Inov8 and it's cheaper on Sportshoes website than their own Inov8 Jacket (sportshoes) at the time of writing Inov8s own website Also similar Montane Minimus here Montane Minimus

For the more extreme conditions I have a Berghaus Vapour Storm HERE which has been replaced this year by newer models. I'd go for the 'Extrem' range and probably choose between the 'Paclite' 'Fellmaster' or 'Hagshu' jacket depending on your preferences.

There are a huge range of brands and jackets but as long as you stick to these guidelines you should come up good. Have a look here for ideas If you're lucky enough to have a local running shop, pop in there and have a chat, you can try a few on and see them in the flesh.

Check out my video on here

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