Monday 6 January 2014

3D Gait Analysis Salford University Running Performance Clinic

I had a trip away to Salford one evening in December for a 3D Gait Analysis at the Running Performance Clinic where I met Chris, who was kind enough to make me run really fast on a treadmill and do lots of exercises ;)
.... In their words

''The University of Salford’s new running performance clinic is for runners who are either recovering from running-related injuries or who want to minimize the risk of future injury and improve race times by improving their running style. Our service offers:
  • Full 3-dimensional running gait analysis using state-of-the-art technology
  • Physiotherapy assessment of strength, flexibility and muscle balance
  • Comparison of your running technique with that of an elite athlete
  • A personalized exercise plan, based on our findings, which will help you to minimise running injury risk and develop your running style
  • Follow up gait assessment to understand how you’re getting on and to check you are recovering from any sports injuries.
We are the only service gait analysis service in Manchester which can provide state-of-the-art 3D running gait assessment.
Furthermore, we are the only running injury clinic in the UK which offers a complete 3D motion analysis of the feet, legs, pelvis and spine during running.''

Although I don't suffer with injury I'm pretty keen not to start on that either. I spend quite a bit of time keeping the body balanced and my non running training is based around conditioning the body to similar joint actions and forces that would be experienced whilst running which keeps me strong and moving well. Whilst it's worked well for me in terms of results I wanted a more in-depth look at what was happening as I run. Prevention rather than cure if you like.
The service is another league to that which I've seen in running shops and gyms in the past and after being covered in infra-red sensors and running at different speeds the computer is able to create an image of your skeleton during your run. After that a range of strength, flexibility and endurance tests are performed before a report detailing the findings can be created. From that someone who know's lots about movement and the body can work to improve any imbalances or limitations. Really valuable to know! 
On the report you also get a table like this for the major joints showing any imbalances etc too. You don't need to know what this means yourself but someone who is treating you would hopefully know what to do with it!
My ankles 

My wee bones moving away there, this is a screen shot of one of the videos.
My skeleton, I think I took my head and arms with me that day...

Jump on their website if you'd like to find out more or ask any detailed questions!

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  1. As it's been nearly a 18 months since you did this. How would you say it helped you running? Was it worthwhile?