Sunday 4 March 2012

LDWA nr Bury, Peelers Hike Mar 4th

Saturday Evening
Saturday evening a major cook up with 5.5 kg of lasagne, some of which is still in existence this evening (Sunday)

Sunday morning a quick  trip to Bury which turned out to be closer than expected! Time for tea and toast at the start HQ. People setting off at different times but the main runners group setting off at 9.30am
Not really a serious race and placings aren't really a big thing, it's more an excuse to get out somewhere new follow some coded directions, run on a few hills, some mud, usually cake filled check points, all accompanied by poor weather conditions although on this occasion it was relatively good weather with only a few spots of rain and some snow. About 600m elevation, 37.5km and the 4 of us rolled in around 4 hours and a few mins, managed to find time for a river crossing it was only chest deep though so nothing major although when I unstrapped my pack and launched it over to the other side the look on a dog walkers face was priceless!!!
Anyway, on with the race which I have done in pictures..... I missed the key points such as start and finish although here is the bit in the middle!

CP1 8mins into race!

James Love, Vici Mousley, Debs ?, and myself ran as a 'pack'

Around a 

First encounter of reasonable mud

Came through clean, 15mins done

Definitely part of the route

Where is  this tower 'full of cakes'?

There was no food here!!!

Snow on a van

9Bar holder on the back

only knee deep this one, much later found a waist deep river!

On the top of somewhere

Vicci eyeing up her next victim?

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