Right then.
This is my kit at the moment for different circumstances with a quick explanation.
I've put reviews on my YouTube channel for some things and others are written so you might be treated with relevant links to shops where applicable, if it's now out of date then I've added the new version on a link. Things like shoes the fitting is more subjective so bear that in mind when buying.

BRAND/ MODEL/ BRIEF DESCRIPTION. Click the name for relevant link and more info

Berghaus Hyper smock - Super small and light waterproof, my usual choice for ultras.*No longer being made but check out this, basically the same by Inov8 or Montane
Berghaus Vapour Storm - More heavy duty ideal for storms or winter, there are newer models now.
Berghaus Reversible - Packs very small, insulated, warm. Reversible for different temperatures!

Garmin Forerunner 310 XT watch - Great functions and hard wearing use all the time
Garmin Etrex 20 - Handheld GPS unit for maps and navigation, also works in the car!

Brooks Cascadia - Go to trail shoe, run thousands of miles in various pairs
Inov8  X-talon - Very grippy for muddy wet stuff
Saucony Ride 10 - Road shoes, neutral and cushioned, hard wearing too!
Mizuno Waverider - Road shoes, same as above, I just buy whichever are cheaper

Vest - Various, usually provided by my sponsors, look out for seams that might chafe
Tshirt - Technical is best, cotton is no good! Again various brands, usually free with events
Thermal Long Sleeve - OMM Vector - Great and appreciated when it's cold,

Karimor for day to day, not compression or anything fancy but cheap and  cheerful and durable
Injinji - Ideal reducing blistering between toes, I was skeptical about the looks but they're nice when  you get them on!
Xbionic 'Marathon' - Slight compression, I'm not super keen on compression personally but they are durable and long lasting if that's what you're looking for

Kalenji - Tight shorts (not compression) Similar HERE I find loose ones chafe on ultras

Ultimate Direction Stereo Belt - Great for all day to day and most races unless large kit list needed.
Nathan Vapour Race Vest - Fits all compulsory kit in normal ultras and has lasted years

Petzl myo Rxp - Nice and bright, I've got 2, used since 2011, I'll get a brighter one when these die.
Petzl Zipka - Very small, use it for a backup lamp

Plain Whey Protein - I blend with 2 bananas, 300ml of milk and peanut butter etc post run
Omega 3 - Take these daily, lots of info on the benefits if you read around

Hats and Caps and Gloves
Visor - various, free with race goodie bags
Hat - Usually just use a buff but have a thermal one for winter every race seems to be giving them!
Gloves - Thermal, forget the brand. Consider if you need touch screen ones for phone use!
Waterproof over mitt... Found in an army surplus store, amazing in winter!

GoPro Hero - Mines a 4 I think, this is the newer improved version. Chest mounts are useless for runners, head straps are good, the 'gimbal' style things for smooth shots, I'm on the lookout for one.

Training Equipment
Kettlebells - I use these from 12kg to 24 kg for some conditioning exercises, one of the big reasons I stay injury free, also the 'competition' style ones are much better to use than typical cast iron ones
Resistance Bands - Versatile and easy to use.

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