Thursday 5 April 2012

Viking Way Ultra 148 miles April 7th 7am

Just packing my gear ready... This will be the longest race I have entered in one go (no sleep or overnight stop) there is quite tight cut off times combined with some navigating, the general distance, well spaced checkpoints (about 18miles) with basic things like water and an odd snack. Sounds like a challenge.... Will be updating on facebook and twitter with progress as I attempt to nibble away at the miles. Starting near Hull at the Humber Bridge 7am Saturday. There is a display on the right hand side of the blog page with twitter. All going to plan I have to finish by 11pm on Sunday (official cut off time) but I don't fancy being on my feet that long if I can help it! Sunday lunch in Oakham (near Leicester) would be a dream haha!

To be continued....

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