Sunday 24 June 2012

Training run

AS I had no race this weekend and seeing the various races going on around the world... UTSW 100, Ultrarace 100, WS100 etc etc I felt a bit lazy so I popped out for a run to Southport and back, totting up a 59mile total averaging   10.5 kmh. comfortable pace, weather was ok until it went dark. Rain got heavier and heavier. I ran the 2nd half from just after 10pm on Saturday night getting me home around 3am - ish. Just over 1 month until lakeland 100 so I'll try and get back up there for a run or 2 beforehand and then also a potential race in Grimsthorpe although I wont be smashing myself with any crazy pace.

In other news, the back lever and human flag are coming along well, have been adding in some planche practice too. Check out the youtube videos if you're interested!

Over and out!

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