Tuesday 23 October 2012

Standish Autumn 10k 20 Oct 2012

Race starts just after lunch at 2.30, there is an Autumn run and a Spring run (February 23rd 2013) of the 10k course. Although no big hills as such there are some gentle gradients which feel a bit more difficult at 10k pace! A lot of the course is on a farm track which is pretty fast going and part of the course is through the woods with some tracks over roots and a bit of mud. The most difficult part of the course is probably the slippery footpath just after the woods which is, well, slippery. Route follows a kind of 2 lap figure 8 route.
After registering at the Britannia hotel 2/3min jog away everybody gathered around the end of the track on the minor road where the race starts and there was a friendly atmosphere. As it got nearer the time one of the organisers called everyone to line up and within 5 seconds it was 3 , 2 , 1, GO! I got caught out here as I was towards the back end of the field and had to weave around a number of runners over the first km to even get a sight of the leading pack and one lone runner at the front. The first little bit of an incline and the pack spread out a little and I moved my way up into the top 10. I seemed to make a bit of ground over the single track wood section and caught Rick from Southport. After that I had 3 runners in front and just as we hit the set of steps out of the wood I saw 3rd place who looked to have slowed down a lot. during the steady and slippery incline up to the top end of the course I reeled him right in and moved past as we hit around the halfway point. I don't think I made up much ground on him until the woods again as I accelerated around the twisty tracks which were great fun.

Pushing on through the woods and back onto the last km of the course there was no sign of anyone apart from a few runners from the back of the field who were on their first lap and a glimpse of 2nd position in the distance.I glanced at my watch as he made a turn towards the finish and made up around 20 seconds on him before the finish I made it 3rd out of 121 runners in 41.03. I previously did the race 2 years ago in just under 48mins so a big improvement although I wasn't especially regular at running back then and not even close to the current fitness. Lots of friendly people around the course both spectators and marshals. One of my clients Diane managed to scoop up a prize for 2nd in her category and her husband too so between us we had a good haul of prizes!
500m ish in getting closer to the top 10

Hunting down a podium spot!
Slightly muddy Diane and Charlie

New website is up and running too! Check it out and let me know if  you have any feedback!

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