Thursday 27 December 2012

Sunrise Sunset Marathon 27 Dec

The tide came in

It wasn't actually so dark

Proudly supported by 9 bar.
 The Sunrise Sunset challenge organised by Denzil and Lucy and the crew. A good Christmas catch up with some friendly faces!

First of all post race food was GREAT! That went down a treat, some soup and chili mince on a spud. I have another finisher medal and pint glass to my collection! The route is the same as last years race which I did a blog on too. Nothing too eventful, I had decided to go for the marathon option rather than running all day and rolled in around 3.25 ish pretty slow going but left myself fresh to get straight back into some quality training the following day. December was quite a heavy month in terms of miles run, Christmas week mounted up a bit with 65km a 40km and 42km and normal days (20k ish) between. Ready for some faster shorter distances to kick off 2013

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