Friday 10 January 2014

Newton Le Willows '3 Peaks' Run Challenge

Inspired by 'THE' 3 Peaks Challenge I bring you ... drum roll...

The Newton Le Willows 3 Peaks Run Challenge....

Trig Point on Billinge Hill

The straight line distances between the 3 points 

What is it?
A friendly challenge with the aim of getting people exploring new routes and some of the tracks and trails and points of interest in Merseyside. The idea is to visit the 3 points in any order, choosing your own route (or copy someone else if you like, it's up to you) I'd like to put the GPS files of peoples routes into one place and set up a little table comparing route distances and times.

I do things like this to keep me amused on local runs, I'd love to run around mountains every day but living near Warrington that's confined to weekend trips! Hopefully it will inspire others to do something a little bit different and expand their comfort zone.


How far is it?
Depends... It's 15 miles or 24 km between the points AS THE CROW FLIES.
On first recce I ran 35.2 km or 22 miles - I did take a slightly scenic route to complete it predominantly off roads.
I suspect it could be done in 30 km or 18.5 miles or less going on the shortest routes.
EXPECT 20 ISH miles unless your sense of direction is appalling, then take a tent ;)

Any rules?
Use a gps/ phone app etc to measure your route
Complete on foot
Use any shops that you want to
You're entirely self sufficient and participating at your own risk, just as you would be whenever you go out running.
The most important one... HAVE FUN and BE SAFE! Carry a mobile, tell someone when you'll be back, cross roads with care etc.

Is it a race?
No, you do it whenever you like, your entirely responsible for yourself, there will be a 'leader board' for those that would like a little friendly competition.

What are the 3 points?
In any order you like.... you must finish where you started forming a loop.
1. The Dream Sculpture - Located in Sutton Manor Country Park. 20 m high you surely can't miss it, run around it.

2. Billinge Hill - Located North of Billinge, run around the stone tower on the summit

3. The Hill in Lyme and Wood Country Park - Newton, boarders Vista Rd, contains a small hill. Due to landscaping going on in there every now and again the highest point might vary a little bit, just run up to the highest point as best as you can. (photo soon)

How do you plan a route?
I ran with this map to plan a route. Most of the actual route I took I hadn't run on before

OR you can use something like or Map My Run or similar app. also very useful.

First Recce
My actual run - road shoes were not my best decision for the off road (lots of mud)
A much more direct route could be taken from Car Mill Dam just to the north of St Helens, heading straight down towards Clock Face, I took the Sankey Canal and various field paths to stay away from roads. You choose a route, take the roads if you like. I ran around 4.30 per km pace on the whole except through particularly muddy fields and had a nice steady final 5km cool down.

  • 35.3km
  • 2:52:09
    Moving Time
  • 4:53/km

Any questions? Fire away! Let me know when you have made an attempt!

Looking forwards to seeing everyone's different route choices too! Perhaps if you know anyone around the St Helens, Wigan, Warrington area who might fancy this you could share it with them?



  1. Charlie
    I run with st Helens striders and many of us have 2014 marathons planned. This will be great training. Looking forward to it.

    1. Great news! I look forwards to seeing your route and wish you an exciting run!

  2. Charlie
    I run with st Helens striders and many of us have 2014 marathons planned. This will be great training. Looking forward to it.

    29 January 2014 23:09

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