Monday 3 March 2014

Learning to run faster... Want quicker race times?

I get quite a few enquiries from runners looking to increase their mileage from 5 and 10km races who are progressing up to marathons and half marathons, a question that often crops up is how to get faster and break through the rut they seem to be stuck in, in terms of speed. Let me introduce you to a great way to get started. Here's a snippet from this weeks eNewsletter.

What are Strides?
You accelerate smoothly from your normal run pace to run at a controlled but fast pace for a short burst 5-10 times (approx 20 - 40 seconds). NOT FLAT OUT.

Why do Strides?
Prepare body and mind for faster running eg after warming up but before an interval training session or race. In time will help to improve your speed. Good introduction to faster running.

Who are they for?
Anyone who has already begun to run regularly and is thinking about trying to improve their speed or regular runners and elites as part of pre race warm up or to spice up an easy run. As with anything new, if you have any medical conditions or injuries it's best you ask a relevant professional first if it's appropriate for you.

How to do Strides?
Warm up FIRST as normal.
Smoothly accelerate from a normal run speed to run at controlled fast pace for APPROX 20 - 40 seconds before decelerating smoothly to your normal pace. About 60 - 90 seconds later repeat.

They should be done while legs are fresh but warmed up so maybe during an easy run or as a pre race warm up. If you currently only seem to have one running speed but have been running regularly for a few months or more then try about 5 reps once or twice per week for a couple of weeks, listening to your body seeing how you get on.

If you have done speed training before and are more advanced you could add these into a couple of easy runs keeping around 5-8 reps. Any more and you risk turning an easy run into a hard training session.

Over time they'll help (in combination with other aspects) to improve your speed, coordination and efficiency whilst running.


P.s You obviously wouldn't want to do these if you have a niggle or injury now would you. Any questions drop me a message! 

Charlie is a sponsored ultra distance runner and specialises in helping busy men and women aged 25-50, over come the challenges of a busy lifestyle, run further, faster and get a body they are proud of, along with the confidence boost and sky high energy levels that come with it!

Charlie has extensive hands on experience working with busy professionals and on-the-go parents, from losing that last couple of pounds to losing five stone or more. He has helped people through their first session in a gym and others through multiple marathons.

In his own training Charlie has become UK ULTRArace Champion 2012, completed many running events ranging from 5k to 268 miles with many wins and podium finishes. He has had past success in rock climbing and wakeboarding, all this since deciding to 'get a bit fitter'

As a result Charlie's clients have confidence and support whilst they are guided down the path to a lean and healthy body that's ready to smash PB's and for anything else life can throw at it!

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