Wednesday 16 April 2014

eNewsletter - 6 Reasons why you are not achieving your goals!

Hi, Welcome to this weeks eNewsletter! 

Another week at 'school' and I'm done! Spent the past week practising 
Hypnosis, TLT and various other NLP and coaching techniques with 
other 'students' I had a great time and learned a lot! 
Charlie's Challenge
Something that I became more aware of recently is something termed
 a 'secondary gain' for example a smoker who knows it is ruining their
 health and using up £1000s per year for the privilege may be getting 
a connection with other smokers, a social connection that feels good 
and so they continue.... To many that might seem crazy, to some it's 
a great reason to continue.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes, you don't feel very 
motivated to achieve a goal, or feel like something is blocking 
you mentally? 

There are many reasons, but here are 6 possibilities...

I'll use two examples to start with.... If I am 2 stone over weight or I am
 running a 10k in 1 hour 15 mins when I would really like to be under 
an hour.

1... A person gets something they like from something they don't. 
eg although overweight or slower than they'd like, they perhaps enjoy 
the feeling of connecting with others in a similar situation

2.... The new goal isn't in alignment with current values or beliefs. 
eg A person might find them self thinking, those 'racing snakes' at 
the front are all too serious/ obsessed etc I don't want to be like that. 

3.... A fear or feeling of being uncomfortable at the thought of doing 
something new, leaving the comfort zone is often quite exciting, I've 
learnt that most of the best experiences I've had in life have come 
from either stepping out of my comfort zone or even smashing it to 
pieces. Get comfortable being uncomfortable?

4..... Lack of knowledge, perhaps you're motivated and ready to go 
for it, just that you don't quite know what to do? What is it you'd need 
to learn? Who do you need to speak to?

5.... Random goals, does the goal have a meaning to you? What 
will be different if you achieve it? Beware of 'Round Number 
Syndrome' eg with running a marathon, perhaps you did your 
first in 4 hours 30 and now you want to run another in 4 hours. 
Think about  an intermediate goal first perhaps if it's necessary, 
which brings me to my last one 

6.... Belief that the goal is possible. How many of you would take 
me up on a challenge if you thought it was impossible? So if I came 
over to your house this evening, knocked on the door and said ok, 
the challenge is to flap your arms as hard as you can and literally, 
fly around the block. Would you even try it? My guess is probably not... 
It sounds impossible then it's likely we'll just go straight back to our 
usual ways and forget about it.

I'd love to hear any of your experiences or any you feel you're 
experiencing at the moment! 

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