Monday 16 April 2018

100 mile ultra plan #7 Training plans

HOW many miles should I run each week?
Everyone has wondered this at some point.... It's not a simple answer again. There's no magic amount and it's going to depend on how long you have been training/running for and what your goal is.
A lot of people say the elites are running 100 miles per week, you've got to be doing that if you're serious...
Is your body really going to know the difference between 90 miles and 100 miles per week? Maybe... Maybe not... It's difficult to prove it with a scientific study what the optimal mileage is for anyone, there are so many variables, and then is that optimal for marathon runners or 100 mile runners or what?
Whatever position you're in at the moment, you will likely benefit from different 'phases' of training, briefly you might have a block say 8 weeks where you are running higher mileage before having a block of shorter but faster running say another 8 weeks before a taper and then a recovery period. In each of these phases your mileage will be different.

Let me give you an example from my own training.
AUG 2016. 100 mile race then 2 weeks @ 30 mile per week easy running with some additional easy cross training
SEPT-FEB 16. Avg 75/85 mile per week few races, couple of faster sessions per week focus on speed rather than ascent
FEB - APR Avg 90-95 mile per week including 2 marathons on weekends, long speed sessions
MAY - 2 weeks @ 55 mpw taper
End of may 100 mile in 13 hour 58 mins.
Key thing... If you're trying to race everything every weekend you'll likely be limiting yourself, worth considering the ultimate goal and what you're working towards, by all means use other events in your training, just don't smash yourself to bits on long slogs all the time if you want to build your speed and improve your half marathon time. 
I'm surprised how often I have conversations like this
Runner 'Ohhh I wish I was faster'
me, 'Right I see, when did you last do a faster run/ speed session?'
Runner 'Ohhh I went to the track once last year, I don't like running fast' 
If the thoughts of pain/ suffering/effort etc a runner has associated with doing intervals are outweighing their desire to be a faster runner then they will probably never get faster until they decide to change.
Sure, if you are running at a challenging pace then it's going to feel challenging, maybe a bit uncomfortable at times. If you are struggling here, go back to #1 Mindset. And also focus...

For a bit more insight head to this webinar recording it's the bottom video on this page here
Webinar where I walk you through step by step how I build a plan from the ground up.
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