Tuesday 5 September 2017

Foam Rolling For Runners - What do you actually do with that thing you bought?

Foam rolling for runners....

What you need to know and how to actually use a foam roller.

A LOT of people ask me why I don't get injured.... Now, nobody is invincible but since I started running I got myself one of these and learned what to do with it. To me it's a vital part of keeping your body mobile and allowing you to keep training consistently and therefore make some great progress and be able to love running! I might not love foam rolling but to me it's just a few small minutes invested that pays off.
So often I see people misusing rollers so... Even if you have been using one for a while... Worth 5 minutes of your time watching this. Clients in my coaching holidays have been able to manage really good weeks of training without their legs dying on them too with using some of these techniques....

So here's what's worked for me!

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